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Making the Complex Simple

Successfully delivering a solar power plant project can be extraordinarily complicated. Throughout the process, a limitless number of decisions are made that ultimately affect a project’s ability to realize its financial goals.


How do you ensure site use is optimized? How can construction costs be minimized? How can you be confident the energy production goals will be met?

Power plant technology is a key success factor, and high-quality, easy-to-install technology may ensure the highest ROI. Studies show that faulty components are a leading cause of failures. And 55% of plant defects can be attributed to faulty installation.

Your Choice Matters

When building a large scale solar plant, your choice matters. With Summit Solar's approach we are able to avoid complications that allows us to design, construct, manage, and supply high performance Solar Power Plants smoothly.


Our Four Step Approach 

Summit Solar’s approach includes designing and implementing a strategic plan for our client’s siting effort.

These plans include the following:

  • Conducting baseline data collection and environmental analysis.

  • It includes the preparation of complete Initial Study (IS)/ Environmental Assessments (EA).

  • Summit Solar also has extensive experience in preparing the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) applications (or equivalents based on geographic location)

  • Obtaining all required environmental permits.

  • Frequent and consistent communication, responsiveness, and technical excellence are the tenets of Summit's approach.


Summit Solar has extensive experience permitting projects on private lands, as well as public lands under the following jurisdictions:

  • State

  • BLM

  • DOD

  • Forest Service

  • DOE.  


We excel at helping our clients navigate the complexities of multiple agency jurisdictions.


Our knowledge of the entire project development process allows us to incorporate constructability factors in the earliest phases of planning and design. 


This helps accelerate the siting and permitting process, reduce engineering and construction costs, manage key interconnect milestones, and minimize delays in subsequent implementation stages. 

Power Production

The key to successful development is to maximize energy output and minimize impacts to the environment.


We conduct an on-site assessment of energy needs and energy production potential to engineer a power system that uses the latest technologies, materials, and designs to optimize energy production.  


Summit Solar will also perform the following:

  • Development and Preliminary Engineering Services

  • Due Diligence Reviews

  • Solar Facility Site Design

  • Transmission Interconnection Support

  • Land Control Support

  • NEPA Support

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Public Involvement Support

  • GIS/CADD Services

  • Design-Build Services

  • Detailed Engineering and Design

  • Construction

Summit's Operations & Maintenance 

One service provider for all your solar assets

Summit Solar services both commercial and utility portfolios. As the primary service provider for small/mid/large size companies, energy providers and financiers, Summit Solar currently manages all installed systems.

Whatever the size of your project or the equipment you have installed, Summit Solar's Services has the best-in-class service and unparalleled expertise you need to make the most of your solar assets.

Utility Services

Our dedicated engineering team supports field services, utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring software to create fully customized alarms for each project to facilitate rapid issue response.

SunPower’s proprietary solar simulation software, PVSim, utilizes weather data from meteorological stations and satellites for real-time performance optimization. All of this gives customers unmatched insight into the performance of their plants.

Performance Engineering and Analytics

Summit Solar provides cost-effective robotic cleaning that can clean panels 20x faster than manual methods—allowing for rapid response to soiling issues.
The robots are deployed at night to minimize impact on energy generation and require very little water to operate, making them an optimal choice for projects with limited access to water.

Low-cost Cleaning Services

Unmatched Field and Safety Training


Summit Solar works tirelessly to ensure a safe job site, with standards formulated from decades of experience designing, building and maintaining solar installations around the world. All on-site personnel are required to participate in continuous safety training and technical certification programs.


Summit Solar has a robust program to collect safety trends at all projects: including near misses and good take-aways to share with our employees, owners and subcontractors.

Service Offerings

Summit Solar offer a comprehensive suite of services offerings to meet the needs of any project, regardless of system. View a list of services below:

Remote Operations and Control

Our Remote Operation and Control Center provides real-time, proactive monitoring  addressing potential production issues before they occur:

  • 24x7 real-time performance monitoring and alarm management

  • Outage coordination and primary point of contact with utilities, grid and transmission operators.

  • Remote plant control

  • Dispatch of field technicians

  • Monthly production and operations reports

  • Performance analysis and optimization

  • Energy forecasting

  • NERC compliance for U.S. power plants

  • Remote security monitoring

Preventive Maintenance

  • AC and DC system inspection

  • Drone IR scanning

  • Structural and mechanical system inspection

  • Inverter maintenance per manufacturer’s spec

  • MV and HV system maintenance

  • Meteorological station calibration and cleaning

  • SCADA validation and upgrades

Corrective Maintenance

  • ​Emergency response

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics

  • Spare parts inventory management

  • Warranty administration with manufacturers

  • Supervision of warranty repairs

  • Parts procurement

  • Labor for out of warranty repairs

Site Maintenance

  • Module cleaning

  • Grounds inspection

  • Vegetation management

  • O&M building maintenance

Asset Management

  • Financial and budgetary oversight

  • Contract management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Account and tax management

Site Audit

  • Commissioning

  • Performance audit and component testing

  • Diagnostic and failure analysis

Additional Services

  • Plant repowering and retrofits

  • Energy storage systems

  • Owner’s rep during construction

  • Cyber security audit

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