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Commercial Solar Sales Consultant

Position Overview:

-Initiate and maintain communications with all current and new sales leads
-Assisting each through the education/qualification/evaluation/pricing/proposal signing process
-Expand and increase the company's presence as the solar energy experts in the NYC and NJ area

The ideal candidate would come established relationships and contacts in the NYC and NJ surrounding areas. This candidate should be able to sell with primary focus being on commercial markets. Our Solar Consultants are well supported by the office staff in financing and quoting projects and paperwork.


Essential Job Functions and Skills:
Must be comprehensive of...

-The financing options for solar
-The return of solar investments
-How to size a solar array
-How to read utility bill and determine electrical needs
-Local, utility, state and federal incentives availability and how each works
-State sales tax requirements and exemptions for solar
-Ability to take initiative in securing new solar leads 
-Timely respond to all inquiries from all sources
-Assist with set-up and tear down of trade show booths and open houses
-Presenting solar seminars at open houses, trade shows and other educational venues
-Awareness of media outlets being accessed by various potential customers/groups to assist the direction of our advertising investments               
-Clear, open and honest communication with customers during/after sale and installation
-Maintaining good relationships with customers
-Securing written, verbal and video testimonials from customers

-Updating and maintaining company Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database with new leads, progress on existing leads, appointments scheduled and kept, and other data available that is needed to be tracked on our software.
-Engage in regular communication and active accountability with the Branch Manager on the progress of all leads


Minimal Requirements:
-Must have a minimal of 2 years experience in Solar
-Excellent people and communication skills
-Fundamental knowledge of the solar industry and the applicable incentives
-Creative and innovative approach to sales
-Communicating activities, contacts and appointments with management
-Must have established business and social connections in NYC and NJ area

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