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Summit Solar was established in New Jersey in 2010 and provides industry-leading solar services for a wide variety of commercial and utility-scale projects.


Summit Solar has installed hundreds of commercial solar systems, saving millions of dollars for our customers and changing the way they do business.


Summit Solar continues to grow its presence beyond New Jersey and New York, expanding nationally by working with local communities and businesses on value-added solar and solar plus storage solutions.


We strive to consistently deliver high quality, performance-oriented solutions for customers in a wide range of industries including commercial and industrial, federal, and public works.


Our Strengths - Commercial & Utility:


Single point responsibility for the entire solar mounting system from complete design and engineering to product manufacturing and on-site racking installation of your commercial installation.


We have designers and engineers registered in all 50 states to provide you signed and sealed drawings for ground mount, roof mount, and custom design specialty solar structures. Our highly qualified engineering team creates an optimal design to provide you with the most durable solar support structures along with freedom and flexibility to work with any type of PV module.


Summit Solar has contractor’s licenses and certifications to work on projects of all sizes nationwide, of which we take great pride.

Technical Support:

Our highly engineered and robust solar structural systems are backed by excellent end-to-end technical support. All of our support team members have technical backgrounds and extensive experience in large-scale commercial projects.


We are committed to setting proper expectations with our customers and exceeding them


Highest Value:

Our localized approach allows us to provide high-quality systems that can achieve a cost-per-watt benchmark that makes financial sense for our customers.


Our experienced Energy Project Managers work extremely hard to meet project completion goals and will work closely with upper management to do what is necessary to get a project built. 

Commercial / Utility Solar Timeline:

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Our Work:

View some samples of our work: Large Commercial & Utility Scale 594 kW Projects. Feel free to reach out and request case studies for our small-mid,-large Commercial  & Utility Scale Projects.

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