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        Here at Summit Solar we strive to help make the world a better place by producing cost-effective solar energy in hopes to create a environmentally-friendly future for everyone! We can't do this alone though. 


        Summit is currently looking for new team members with good communication skills that aspire to get the job done effectively! The ideal candidate would not only be bold, focused and determined but also someone who is passionate about their role in a company and can bring their own unique talents to these open positions.


If you find the position that you are interested, please email the following items to


-Your cover letter in PDF format that includes why you would make a great asset to this company.

-Your resume in PDF format.


Summit Solar Company, LLC Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Summit Solar makes employment decisions, including but not limited to, hiring, firing,

promotion, demotion, training, and/or compensation, on the merit basis.

For more info 

For more info 

For more info 

For more info 

Commercial Solar Sales Consultant

Commercial Solar Design Engineer ​ ​

Master Electrician 

Commercial Project Manager

Current Openings:

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