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Meet Our New Senior Consultant

As Summit Solar Corp. continues our expansion from New Jersey into Long Island, we are looking for experienced solar professionals to join our growing team... Key word is experienced... When defining that word, Edgar Lopez pops up, and we are happy to have him on the Summit Solar Team. Learn a little more about him below:

Edgar Lopez is one of Summit Solar’s new Senior Energy Consultants for the Long Island Region. With over 6 years in the solar industry, Edgar brings his passion for serving people as well as the environment to work every single day.

Being born in Bronx and raised in Brentwood, Long Island, Edgar has a localized approach to residential solar that allows him to easily relay information to homeowners.

“It’s important to know the culture of the market you’re working in; it allows you to speak to homeowners on a real level. I enjoy working in solar because I really get to positively impact an area that’s close to me.”

Outside of work, Edgar enjoys to golf, working-out by riding his bike 47 miles, dancing salsa, and spending time with his kids: 2 boys and a girl. When we asked Edgar to name one of the best moments of his life, he responded with: “Marrying my wife. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Sitting down with Edgar is how a solar experience should be. He’s someone who grew up in this area, understands the people, and truly consults homeowners on the best solar options. Here at Summit Solar Corp, we are happy to have Edgar on our team as we continue the process of expanding into Long Island!

If you have any solar related questions, reach out to Edgar today:

Edgar Lopez (631) 681-7744

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