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Meet Our Intern

Kyle Prouty grew up in New Egypt, New Jersey where he spent a lot of time playing sports and enjoying time with family and friends. He feels that growing up in the Central New Jersey region has helped him a lot with this summer internship in terms of creating marketing material to help boost Summit Solar Corp’s presence in the residential and commercial markets.

Kyle is currently entering his junior year at The Johns Hopkins University located in Baltimore, Maryland. At Johns Hopkins, Kyle is a member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team as well as a candidate for the school’s Nest Strategies program, a marketing consulting agency run by students for the Johns Hopkins chapter of the American Marketing Association. Kyle plans on completing a major in economics as well as a minor in business. After graduation he plans on entering the field of finance.

This summer Kyle is responsible for building, growing and maintaining the online marketing for Summit Solar Corp. He is also working directly with the marketing and sales teams to create online strategies to build Summit’s brand and to help with lead generation. In addition, Kyle is aiding in proposal work for the company as well capital lease agreements.

Outside of the internship Kyle mainly enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing lacrosse and running his own lacrosse clinics. In addition, he loves to play golf and go fishing.

Kyle became interested in the solar industry when he started seeing it pop up in the news very frequently. After doing some research, he saw that big banks and private equity firms were investing heavily in the renewable sector, with a huge focus on Solar Energy. Due to the financial industry taking such vested interest in solar, Kyle wanted inquire knowledge on the industry himself. He feels this experience can one day be an extremely useful tool and may even help him land a job working with a big bank focusing on the renewable sector.

Daniel Mayper, who leads Summit’s Sales and Marketing division points out a specific reason on why Kyle was chosen among other candidates. “Kyle received an email requesting an available date/time to conduct a first round interview. He promptly responded, and gave me his availability… After a few hours of no response on my end, I received a phone call. It was Kyle, taking the initiative and attempting to lock down a date/time for a phone interview… It sounds basic, but it’s surprising how many business professionals forget the message that high energy, enthusiasm, and urgency can portray to another. We look forward to watching Kyle grow professionally here at Summit Solar.”

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