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New York  Residents Can Go Solar & Save Thousands in Incentives


On top of all the savings you’ll generate from your roof, New York residents are eligible for State and Federal Solar Incentives that could also save you thousands in your first four years of ownership. Add in plummeting solar prices, and cheap, stable solar energy rates, and solar panels and battery storage are a no-brainer for New Yorkers.

Solar Panels in New York Keep The Lights Bright

New York might not be known for its weather, but here’s what you might not know - New York sunshine is plenty strong for solar. New York solar and battery storage is already powering more than 193,000 New Yorker’s homes. Last year, Tri-State families installed nearly 800 megawatts of solar power on their homes - double the solar installations of sunny Arizona.


Thanks to initiatives like Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision, and the nation’s second best solar tax credits, more New Yorkers than ever are going solar, saving big, and making New York one of the best markets to go solar!

New York Solar Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits:

  • New York State Solar Energy System Equipment Credit |25% of their system cost, or $5,000 (whichever is less).

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) | 30% of the total system cost

  • New York State Solar Incentives Rebate rates | $300-$350 per kW of total system size

  • New York City Property Tax Abatement 20% of the total system cost (after rebate)

Summit Solar: NYC & Long Island's Local Choice

Here at Summit Solar, we realized NYC/Long Island needed a company that is nimble and can make decisions in the best interest of our primary market!

Our headquarters isn't in California, it's here in Queens, NY. The majority of our Residential Solar employees grew up in NYC/Long Island, and they understand the needs/wants of people who work hard to live here. 


Here at Summit Solar we make company decisions based off the needs/wants of our specific market, to provide homeowners the highest quality products/service at the best price in the market. 

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