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Commercial Solar

               Commercial solar benefits your company in multiple ways. You can reduce the expensive brown power imported to your office buildings, corporate campus, supermarkets, hotel buildings, retail stores and even mall buildings.


Plus, it provides a significant savings while protecting you from future utility rate hikes, hidden utility demand charges and unpredictable time-of-use rates.

Commercial Portfolio

View a few of our commercial & large scale solar projects below: 

Wrightstown, NJ
32.34 Kw
Jersey City, NJ
250 Kw
Jersey City, NJ
1 Mw
Quincy, MA
594 Kw
Parsippany, NJ
View More samples

Commercial Battery Storage 101

Learn How It Works


How It Works (Com)
com stor 101

Industry Leading Products

Click on each picture to view Summit Solar's Commercial Products. Panel type, inverter, mounting hardware and other products will vary based on the commercial property. Ex: Groundt Mount, Carport, Flat Roof, Etc.

Industry-leading solar and battery storage

Summit Solar's  rooftop, ground, carport and battery storage systems provide you with greater choice, better design, and more value—the path to achieving your organization’s clean energy future.

Precision-engineered design

Summit systems can be configured in a rooftop, ground, or carport installation. And, each component is precision-engineered for fast installation, long-term reliability and impressive returns.


Summit Solar Commercial Financing 

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Lower Risk 

  • Summit Solar Corp has a 100% success rate in commercial financing, with a network of reputable financiers who are ready to fund your project.

  • This is important because not all solar projects find the backing they need.

symbol 2.PNG

More Choices

  • Summit Solar Corp evaluates your energy and financial goals then recommends the best option to meet your needs—without bias to any financing approach.

  • In contrast, some solar companies prefer their in-house financing because they take an equity stake.

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Seamless Experience

  • Summit's team of experts have long-standing relationships with solar investors, which helps facilitate a smoother financing process.

  • Solar financing can be complicated. Less experienced finance teams leave you open to added costs and delays.

Financing for Projects of all Size:

We’ve helped secure financing for large solar power plants, small family businesses and public projects. In fact, we provide access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for smaller systems that have historically been challenged to find a financier. In addition, Summit Solar Corp has deep expertise helping our customers use public financing, like Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) and special government programs.
Want to find out which financing option is right for your organization?
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